Wednesday, November 27, 2019

The power of word of mouth

Time and time again, word of mouth proves to be the best recommendation for practically anything. Nowadays, that's tricky with social media and what we perceive as word of mouth. For me, word of mouth worked out magnificently in 100 Nonfiction Books I Recommend because readers personally recommended the following 10 books and many more.

I started a few books not on this list and was not into them. Aborted! I do indeed recommend the books in this category but realize that not all 10 fit my criteria for a recommendation.

My criteria to recommend a book is simple: 1) I actually read the book cover to cover, 2) I enjoyed or found my time well-spent with the book, and 3) the book helped me feel or see something differently.

Here are 10 books readers recommended to me that I, too, recommend:

1) EntreLeadership (2011) by Dave Ramsey
2) Letters from the Earth (1962) by Mark Twain
3) Fantasyland (2017) by Kurt Andersen
4) The Death of Truth (2018) by Michiko Kakutani
5) Pleasure Activism (2019) by Adrienne Marie Brown
6) Aware (2018) by Daniel Siegel
7) The Moment of Lift (2019) by Melinda Gates
8) Loonshots (2019) by Safi Bahcall
9) Raising Cain (1999) by Dan Kindlon and Michael Thompson
10) Quiet (2012) by Susan Cain

Good golly, I realize that I have finished this project! Bam! That was an undertaking. It started July 15, and 100 books and more than four months later, it is complete.

I'm proud of this. So many websites of books are just trying to sell books, and this is all about my reading path and where I'm at in 2019. It will be interesting to see how this path contorts and develops in future years.

Tomorrow, I will recap the entire project and wish you a Happy Thanksgiving! See you tomorrow!

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