Friday, October 5, 2012

Big Red: Kiss a little longer

No little cinnamon gum freshens breath longer than Big Red, and because of that, Big Red has been named "The Greatest Gum of the Snooze Button Generation."

You can kiss a little longer, stay close a little longer and hold tight a little longer while chewing Big Red. In fact, your fresh breath goes on and on while you chew it. Actually, if it allows all that to last a little longer, Big Red must be considered a precursor to Viagra.

It's true that with Doublemint gum, a double pleasure is waiting for you. Doublemint has a double great feeling that makes you realize Doublemint is the one for your.

Also, with Juicy Fruit gum, it's going to move you, and it's got a taste that gets right to you. Ultimately, the taste is going to move you when you pop it in your mouth.

Yeah, that's all true. But still, Big Red is "The Greatest Gum of the Snooze Button Generation." In the commercial below, Peter Billingsley, the child star of "A Christmas Story," has a role. That may sound impressive, but Billingsley was in 120 commercials and at 12, was once quoted as saying, "After 100 (commercials), you lose count."
Actually, after learning that chewing gum repeatedly pounds sugar into teeth, many members of the Snooze Button Generation have eschewed gum chewing. As teens, many of us rampantly chewed Big Red. Perhaps we understood its animalistic charm with the opposite sex.

For some, the Big Red jingle is not a mere commercial, but a way of life. R&B singer Ne-Yo released a version of the tune this summer. Although the statistics were not available at press time, the Big Red anthem may be the second most frequently sung tune - second to "Happy Birthday."

Say goodbye a little longer. Make it last a little longer. Give your fresh long lasting freshness with Big Red.