Saturday, August 22, 2009

Yearning for Bugle Boys, Z Cavariccis and Hammer Pants

For many days, I have been conflicted about which pants from my past I miss the most - Bugle Boys, Z Cavariccis or "Hammer Pants."

For the record, I have only owned Bugle Boys, but that doesn't mean I can't respect, and/or miss, Z Cavariccis and Hammer Pants. Curiously, I am not sure I know anyone who wore Hammer Pants, other than Hammer himself.

I could not find any Z Cavaricci videos online and do not recall ever seeing one. However, Z Cavaricci print ads exist. Apparently, when obtaining Z Cavariccis, one is also obtaining a life of style, love and hipness:
In contrast to the lack of Z Cavaricci videos, Bugle Boy videos are easy to find:

Love the sentiment. Who needs a ride in the desert when you got the right pants?

Still, something in me says I miss Hammer Pants the most. I also miss the phrase "Hammer Time," and for the immediate future, I plan on replacing "Hello" with "Hammer Time" when I answer the phone.

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