Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Most Sophisticated Man

A lot of conventional thinking nowadays points to the "Dos Equis guy" as the most sophisticated man in the world. I have done Internet research, though, that shows he is actually the most interesting man in the world, while my Cousin Steve (Codename: Viper) is the most sophisticated man.

How do I know this? Well, I know this from a mixture of anecdotal and scientific evidence. Wherever Viper goes, people yearn to know more about his elegance and style. Whether it is Jo-Ann Fabrics or a Long Beach night club, ladies flock to him in search of fashion and lifestyle tips.

What also sets Viper apart from other sophisticated men, who are actually only semi-sophisticated, is his ability to ooze class and understanding in all situations. When we attended a kiddie park, for example, he had a baby Bjorned, yet still made an array of social plans through cellular phone calls.
Now, Dos Equis' most interesting man has sophistication, but his sophistication is not nearly as layered as Viper's. I can not picture the Dos Equis man with a baby Bjorned or figuring out bead configurations in Jo-Ann Fabrics. But I can say that both Viper and I have respect for the most interesting man in the world:

In all seriousness, Viper took part in a 17-day visit with me, and my girls and I miss him tremendously. I am not sure if I know a kinder, more caring human being than him.

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  1. hmmmm?!??! I don't believe you! I don't think Viper is the most sophisticated man on earth...LoL j/k Loved the post, though!