Monday, August 3, 2009

Joe Stevens: The Apocalypse, 2010

I am uncertain what genre of music I will perform, but I have my first album planned. The name of the album will be “Joe Stevens: The Apocalypse, 2010.”

These will be the tracks on the album:

1. Da Bon Bon (I’ll take a chance on Rome)
2. The Dealer
3. (EXPLETIVE)? Hey, Chica, I’m A (EXPLETIVE)
4. Bombs Over Toyko
5. Siete Tres (My Spanish lullaby)
6. Damn, This Coffee Is Tasty
7. Rio *
8. Baby Gambling
9. Howl At The Sun
10. The Dealer: Reprise
11. Michael Stanley, Where Are You?
12. The Last String Cheese

*-song written by Duran Duran

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