Thursday, January 21, 2010

Tramp stamps: Rare on gentlemen

No matter how hard I try not to think about them, tramp stamps remain in my life. Why don't more gentlemen have them?

I do not believe I've ever had a girlfriend who actually had a tramp stamp, but curiously, these classy lower back tattoos keep coming up in conversation. As a sensitive and sophisticated male, I once declared, "I need more man jewelry!"

Connected to this plan to adorn myself, I donned temporary tramp stamps in two random cities - Las Vegas and Lake Tahoe. Yeah, that was a self-deprecating joke gone awry - twice.

A lot of people assume one must be a tramp to wear a tramp stamp. However, through extensive Internet research, I have discovered that non-tramps might have them. In fact, one article states that to think that only tramps sport tramp stamps is an example of ignorance gone wild. I also found a website that claims to have pictures of the worst 20 tramp stamps of all-time.

Well, it's not my intention to be judgmental. But whenever I discover a girl who has a tramp stamp, I respond with two words: "All right."

Tramp stamps are so popular that even Barbie, the doll, recently got one.
Right on, Barbie. Unfortunately, Ken probably doesn't appreciate it like he should. As a parent, I have yet to have a tramp stamp conversation (you know, the pros and cons) with my daughters. But recently, the girls were introduced to tramp stamps when Sally from "Cars" flashed hers to Lightning McQueen and he called it a racing stripe.

"All right!"


  1. Well, I'm a guy with a so-called "Tramp Stamp". I'm even straight! I've had it since right about the time this article was written (2010), and I love it!

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