Monday, May 10, 2010

'Singles' soundtrack: Cool again ... maybe

I rarely look forward to the release of romantic comedies. But I did, not so long ago ... in 1992.

Yeah, I remember looking forward to the release of "Singles." I did this for two reasons. 1) The soundtrack was pretty good, featuring Paul Westerberg, the Screaming Trees and Smashing Pumpkins (before they sucked).

2) This was Cameron Crowe's next film since the important Snooze Button Generation flick "Say Anything..."

Overall, "Singles" is a letdown. A big criticism of the film is that it was pieced together by the soundtrack, and that's probably true. With the release of a big-budget movie like that, it also meant the end of the grunge era.In hindsight, "Singles" had no chance of succeeding. It merely tried to capitalize on the popularity of the grunge movement in Seattle. But at least the movie taught me not to look forward to romantic comedies.

Thankfully, the grunge movement has been over for so long that it is cool again to like grunge rock. I estimate there was a 15-year waiting period with this, but there actually might be a 20-year waiting period. We might still have to wait five years for this to be cool again.

Acquaintance: What type of music do you like?
Snooze Button Generation: Grunge.
Acquaintance: Oh. OK. So I guess that explains the flannel shirt you're wearing in California in May. ... I thought you might be a lumberjack.

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  1. I recently saw "Singles" for the first time since I originally saw it in the theatre, back when I was in university - I had remembered really liking it at the time, whether it was the music or the cast or my undeniable immaturity. Regardless, the 2nd viewing, 15 years later, was unequivocally disappointing - what a piece of crap.


    I guess some things are best left in the past...