Wednesday, September 23, 2009

God pokes through thick L.A. fog

As I drove to work in the thick L.A. fog for a second consecutive day, I searched for answers, trying to figure out why it was so foggy.... Ahoy! It hit me why it was so foggy.

God was smoking.

Yeah, OK, so it was obvious that God was smoking. But the real question was this: Why?

I imagine God must be stressed out. Perhaps the global economy is making him peeved. Or maybe he lost a lot in his 401(k). It also could have been peer pressure. If I remember correctly, Zeus is a chain smoker, and perhaps that rubbed off on the almighty.

The more I thought about it, though, all of my theories on why God was smoking made no sense. Would he really take the downtrodden economy to heart? And why would he be so stressed about his 401(k) when so many people had that happen to them, too?

On my way out of my car toward work, I walked through the fog and felt dampness on my arms. That's when something poignant hit me.... Wait a minute! God was smoking, but if you looked close, you could see moisture. God was crying, too.

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