Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Sophisticated man questions identity

Who am I?

Perhaps we've all struggled with those three simple words.

I argue that we are all chameleons. We change, moment to moment, based on the situation. We are customers, drivers, brothers, friends, Chewbacca collectors, gentlemen or bartenders -- depending on the situation.

Questions about identity have been bouncing around the United States because one of the closest people to me recently questioned his own identity. He said, "Listen. I am not the World's Most Sophisticated Man. I'm not even that sophisticated!"

During my cousin Steve's 12-day stay in California that concluded yesterday, we enjoyed life through various ways, including art shows, cocktail parties and galavanting around Southern California. The only disagreement we had came up when a friend properly introduced him to someone as the World's Most Sophisticated Man.

The person who just met Steve said, "Wow. You're the World's Most Sophisticated Man. Really? What is your favorite wine?"

Steve replied, "I don't drink wine. Actually, I don't really drink, except for an occasional beer. I like to have a clear head in the morning. You know, I'm not really that sophisticated!"This is where Steve and I differ. While he stayed in Southern California, Steve coordinated art shows, helped maintain public gardens and entertained my daughters. He also promoted constant fun and was an all-around breath of fresh.

At one point, after much discussion, he made me realize that he, in fact, may be the World's Most Reliable Man. Now, I don't exactly have a thesaurus handy, but to me, that makes him the World's Most Sophisticated Man.

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