Friday, March 19, 2010

Grimace used to be evil

Philosophers tend to focus on the wrong questions. They ponder lame questions like: "Do you humans have souls?" or "Is an afterlife possible?"

The real important questions, though, are: "What the hell is Grimace?" and "Why the hell is he called Grimace?"

Ronald McDonald is a clown, and Hamburglar is a small-time, hungry thief. Grimace is a purple blob and baffles me. Who are you, my purple friend?

The word "grimace" means a frown, or a facial expression of displeasure. Why would this jolly purple guy have such a negative name?

It turns out out that Grimace originally was a villain, "The Evil Grimace." He had an extra pair of arms and stole milkshakes, then hoarded them. ... I love this world.After some crime, Grimace's character was revised to lose his extra arms and be a good guy. He then was part of the McDonald's gang and saw how Hamburglar got his stripes and how once Hamburglar wished everything he touched turned to cheeseburgers.

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