Saturday, January 1, 2022

Blog goes to Next Level

On the first New Year's Eve during this blog's existence, I lamented the fact that rockstar Paul Westerberg turned 50. Looking at the calendar today, I realize Westerberg is 62 now.

As this blog kicks off its 13th full year today, I realize that this is a record of my life and path. I guess it's not just me and Mr. Westerberg who are different today as opposed to in 2009. We all are.

My daughters were 6 and 4 back then, and now they're 16 and 14. I've always placed major importance into being a dad, and I love how that's playing out. I am proud of both Sophie and Chloe and am happy to be a part of their teenage, K-Pop world.

Yeah, those two love K-Pop, and I've learned that one way to connect with them is to immerse myself in K-Pop and revel in its artistry, style, talent, hard work and commercial appeal. A lot of it is pretty spectacular.

So with this post, this blog recommits to writing about whatever the heck I desire. This is a general-interest blog from a Gen X husband and dad. This blog reflects where I'm at during the moment, and I am buried in K-Pop. Happy New Year!

Last year, I released my top 20 K-Pop songs of 2020, and here are my top 10 K-Pop songs of 2021. If you're into K-Pop, enjoy! If not, consider clicking on some of the links to give it a try and subscribe to Sophie and Chloe's K-Pop channel echo4ever.

1. Next Level by Aespa

Aespa did indeed go the next level after its Black Mamba debut. I like Next Level so much that I had it blasting on the first day of school as high schoolers returned to in-person skool.

2. Maverick by The Boyz

Oh, heck, yeah, son! Back in the game, son! This is just a thrilling, killer song, son. Mark Cuban better start blaring this tune at Dallas Maverick basketball games.

3. On the Ground by Rose

Blackpink is a superstar band, and Rose and Lisa have some darn good solo stuff. I also loved Sophie's version of On the Ground!

4. I'm Not Cool by HyunA

I love the lyrics and attitude to this one, and Chloe killed it in her dance cover!

5. Don't Call Me by Shinee

Shinee's back! While this is no Ring Dong Dong, which I absolutely love, Don't Call Me brought these idols back, and I found myself often singing the song to myself. Taemin is da man!

6. Scientist by Twice

It turns out that love ain't no science. Don't need no license! And Sophie did an awesome dance cover to it as well.

7. Beautiful Beautiful by ONF

Brum, brum, bum, ba, ba, bum, bum! Catchy, catchy, and a killer video too.

8. Where Are We Now by Mamamoo

Hwa Sa remains my ultimate bias, and I nearly put I'm a B here by her. But Where Are We Now packs an emotional punch and shows Mamamoo's evolution and ability to sing atop winnebagos.

9. Thunderous by Stray Kids

I used to answer "Stray Kids" automatically whenever someone asked me about my favorite boy group, but The Boyz may be replacing that answer. I hope Stray Kids' best stuff isn't behind them, and Thunderous is pretty solid.

10. PTT (Paint the Town) by Loona

Stan Loona. ... Loona is such a supergroup that I had to put Paint the Town on this list. That means Exo, Lisa, ITZY, MCND, Chung Ha, IU, Fromis_9, G(Idle), Oh My Girl, Day6, Everglow and Treasure all were edged out. ... That's cold, and happy New Year!

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