Monday, June 20, 2011

Snooze Button CEO teams with agent

Even though I have lived in Los Angeles County for 13 years, I am not a big fan of the Hollywood system. Yeah, I run in social circles that stay outside the mainstream as my art fag friends and I create true masterpieces - and not just commercial fodder.

That is why I am conflicted with what I recently did. I got an agent.

Obviously, this move isn't only to make money. It's not fair to call me "a sellout." I just think that things happen for a reason, and so when I ran into one of Hollywood's top agents the other day at LACMA (Los Angeles County Museum of Art), I realized that sometimes commercial interests can be beneficial to one's art.

I ran into E - Eric Murphy, who is best known for being the personal manager of Hollywood superstar Vincent Chase. Previously, I had considered being represented by uber-agent Ari Gold, but I got a vibe from E that told me with him focusing on just Vincent and me that it was in everybody's best interests to come together.Here's part of the conversation that ensued between E and me:

Me: Listen, I think you do great work, and I'd be comfortable if you represented me.
E: What?
Me: Yeah, I've considered a lot of agents, but I think the personal touch you'd bring is best for me.
E: Are you serious?
Me: I am, if you are. Fist bump, baby.

We bumped fists, and, thus, E is officially representing me. After that, strangely, he said a couple cryptic phrases that baffled me, including, "You know, entourage is just a TV show, right?" I guess he has big plans to get me some sort of "entourage."

Man, I am happy I snagged that little guy.

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