Monday, June 6, 2011

Chewbacca collection balloons ... MMAO

The Snooze Button Generation and all its subsidiaries will remain on hiatus as SBG CEO and founder Joe Stevens continues to mourn the loss of the XMan, according to a news release.

"The entire corporation is not ready to commit to reestablishing its presence in the pantheon of pop culture," Stevens said in the release. "There might be periodic entries, but at this time, the depth of this loss prohibits us from coming back full-time. MMAO."

"MMAO" apparently is a twist on the popular text messages abbreviation "LMAO," sources said. LMAO stands for laughing my ass off, and Stevens has replaced the laughing with mourning.

When reached via phone, Stevens refused to be directly quoted for this article but sounded like his typical quirky self. He said to let his fans know he is hanging in there, although he frequently referred to the XMan's death as "a profound loss."

No silver lining exists with the XMan's unexpected death. As a side note, Stevens' Chewbacca collection has ballooned from 19 items to 41 Chewies, including a framed poster, 6-foot tall Chewy cardboard cutout and three figures that make sound."It's the best damn Chewy collection in the world, and you can quote me on that," Stevens said. "Yeah. Somehow going OCD with the Chewies is part of the mourning process for me."

Stevens says his Chewbacca collection is on hold, but he may somehow try to obtain the Chewbacca closet in the video below.

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  1. Good to see you back in action here, Joe, both the writing and the Chewie curating (CCYAO).

    Even Darth would approve, I think.

    -Peter V.