Saturday, September 11, 2010

I love college life!

As I nervously walked across the quad, emotions enveloped me, and I thought: "I did it. I made it to college!"

It had been a dream of mine - and my family - for me to attend college, and this week, I started my college career. I already feel in the groove, am happy I made it and am experiencing a swirl of emotions. Ultimately, I guess I'm a little homesick.

Technically, the name of my college is Cerritos High School, and I am a teacher there. But in my heart, I feel that the name of my college is Cambridge University, I'm in England and I'm adjusting to college life.

Luckily, I had a positive schooling experience the last few years with an awesome graduation and prom to feel prepared for college. However, I still feel like "the new kid in school," kind of like Kevin Bacon's character in "Footlose." Because of this, I am contemplating using mousse in my hair.

My goals for college are to grow as a person, get good marks and have fun, though I don't want to party so much that my grades suffer.Facing a school of about 2,300 students, I sometimes feel like just a number. Of those 2,300, approximately 100 share my education major (for some odd reason, a lot of the other students refer to us as "teachers," and I can't figure out why).

Perhaps the biggest difference between last year and this year for me is the age of the other students. Of the 100 in my major, the vast majority are older than me.

In fact, on Day 1, we did some type of camaraderie exercise in which I sat next to ladies much older than me. Part of our exercise was to come up with a team name for the older ladies and me. Because nobody said anything during an awkward silence, I suggested our team name be "The Cougars." I am uncertain why, but the older ladies did not like that name.

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