Sunday, August 8, 2010

'The Lady' celebrates first anniversary

A little more than one year ago, this website showed the hidden hipster side of Smokey Bear in a celebrity interview. Not only did the interview anger Smokey himself, but it also probably riled his likely former love interest - actress Chloe Sevigny.

That celebrity interview was significant because it kicked off this website. Since then, Snooze Button Generation readers have been increasing, and hopefully visitors have been enjoying this blog.

Although the SBG did not want to make a big deal of its one-year anniversary, professional singer Kenny Rogers paid tribute to the blog (see video below) by singing and mysteriously referred to this blog as "The Lady."
Snooze Button Generation founder and CEO Joe Stevens took time out of his busy schedule to write an open letter to SBG readers on this momentous occasion:

Dear SBG readers:

I want to thank you for enjoying the blog I've been writing for the past year. I think I'm onto something with this Snooze Button Generation thing. After the Baby Boomers, some people say Generation X arrived. I find that lame. It's the Snooze Button Generation!

I plan on continuing blogging this next year, maybe less posts but more important ones. I also hope to respond more to comments on Facebook. As for the content, expect a mixture of my personal tales and quirks from SBG pop culture.

The one thing I did not expect from this blog is the outpouring of celebrity support. The fact that Kenny Rogers sang a tribute to the SBG without me knowing is completely shocking. I thank Mr. Rogers for his support.

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