Monday, August 16, 2010

Bindis: The perfect male accessory

Whenever my cousin Steve, AKA "The World's Most Sophisticated Man," visits, I learn a lot about myself and life in general. During his past trip, though, we had been cursed by a shiny head, and that made learning more difficult.

Alas, I still learned, and my biggest lesson was how spiritually advanced children are. As time progresses, adults may lose their spirituality whereas children have theirs intact.

How do I know this? Well, my daughters loved the bindis we wore. Many say bindis are simply decorative and do not necessarily signify spiritual awareness. I say poppycock to that idea because of how much my daughters liked them. My cousin and I are extremely spiritually advanced.Because of a lack of bindis at my supermarket and Target, we made our own, often by using decals, such as the free stickers found on bananas. This is a critical fashion tip for men, who tend to under-accessorize. Bindis - they're the perfect male accessory.

Many celebrities, such as Madonna, Gwen Stefani and Julia Roberts, have strutted their spiritual awareness by wearing bindis. I am baffled that they wore actual bindis instead of stickers and/or artwork made by daughters.Because Steve and I are considered trend setters, I am certain that bindis will be coming back as a part of American style and not just be an Indian thing. Just like we wear slacks, we will be wearing bindis - or banana stickers.


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