Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The Incredible Hulk pants

As one gets older, the years bring perspective to nuances from childhood that perhaps were not understood at the time. Perhaps the years bring wisdom or insight.

Silly me, though. I thought that extra years to my life could help me explain the Incredible Hulk's pants. But, sadly, the years haven't helped.

I totally buy the idea that a scientist named Bruce Banner can get so pissed off that he turns green and into an exaggerated muscleman. But why in the world does his shirt rip to shreds and his pants transform to nicely fitted shorts? I am pretty sure this is either nonsensical and/or a conspiracy.

A cynic might say that one must suspend disbelief in a superhero story, but I say reality still has to be taken into account and the clamdiggers must be explained. The Incredible Hulk has had many forms on TV and the silver screen throughout the past 30 years. Unfortunately, when I watch any of them, I cannot get past the oddity of the Hulk pants and continually ask those around me why and how the pants can possibly turn into perfect shorts and typically change color as well.

I am not saying Hulk pants are not stylish. This just may be the most baffling thing I've ever encountered.


  1. Excellent post - the mystery of The Hulk's pants' (repeated) transformation from regular trousers to precisely shredded knickers has always perplexed me.

  2. Thank you for the kind words. You've been doing some funny ass stuff on your blog, too. Mmm, time for a hopsicle!

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