Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Asparagus urine connects us all

I have no desire to be gross or shocking, but I believe some taboos should stop. And perhaps no taboo needs to end more than asparagus urine.

Yeah, man, my pee smells totally weird - pungent - after I eat asparagus. This cannot be just me, and through lengthy Internet research, I have discovered that weird-smelling pee from asparagus is common. Marcel Proust even wrote about asparagus and his pee in "Swann's Way," saying it "transforms my chamber pot into a flask of perfume."

Studies from France, China and Israel have concluded that foul-smelling urine from asparagus is a universal human characteristic. ... Wow! We are all connected through asparagus urine!

The study from Israel, though, concluded that while everyone produces bad-smelling pee from asparagus, only 22 percent of people can detect the smell. I definitely am one of those 22 percent. I guess I'm lucky.I am unsure if any food has such an effect on pee more than asparagus, but I also get a weird smell after I eat Super Sugar Crisp or Honey Smacks. I did not find as much information about cereal and pee online, yet I imagine that also is "a universal human characteristic."


  1. Most studies say that about 50 percent of people can detect the smell. All people I know can, so I think it's even more

  2. Princess PatchouliaMarch 12, 2010 at 10:32 AM

    I can't smell it.

    I conducted a quasi-scientific experiment (i.e. I sported a lab coat whilst carrying out my tests) to determine whether or not it was my inability to smell it or it was simply my good fortune to be someone who doesn't produce the aforementioned olfactory offence after consuming asparagus...

    Verdict: I just can't smell it.

    ~ Patchoulia

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