Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Ladies still love Lloyd Dobler

Pretty much any desirable lady that a man of the Snooze Button Generation meets will either consciously, or subconsciously, compare that guy to Lloyd Dobler.

Dobler was a mediocre student and aspiring kickboxer who wooed Diane Court, the valedictorian of her class. He held a boom box above his head with Peter Gabriel's "In Your Eyes" blaring in a classic movie scene that is endearing, cute and frequently referenced.

Let's face it. The 1989 film "Say Anything..." has been critical to relationships to those in the Snooze Button Generation. Has there ever been a more romantic scene than the one in which Dobler, aka John Cusack, hoists his radio above his head for Ione Skye and all the world to see and hear?

To be in love means to be vulnerable. Being in love is cheesy, illogical, and there are inside moments in which only the two people involved know the significance. Cameron Crowe wrote and directed "Say Anything...", and this needs to be said to him:

Boo-ya! You hit so much on the head in one poignant - and cheesy - moment when Lloyd Dobler does the radio thing. Thank you. ... The only downside is that chicks everywhere constantly compare dudes to Dobler. Thanks a lot.

Apparently, this year marks the 20th anniversary of "Say Anything..." Last month, a group calling itself "Mobler" went all around New York City holding radios above their heads to commemorate the significance of the film and the critical cinematic moment.

The group blasted "In Your Eyes" in subways, on escalators, in revolving doors, in Times Square, Washington Square Park and all over as they dressed like Dobler and reminded us about how sometimes love, pop culture, cheesiness and poignancy all can come together in a bold act for the whole world to see.

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