Monday, December 7, 2009

Gazing at shoes and another possible band

Every five months, I have the same conversation:

Person: Hey, man, you ever been in a band?
Snooze Button Generation: Kind of.
Person: What do you play?
SBG: I kind of play the guitar - self-taught, but I'm more of a writer and entertainer.
Person: What does that mean?
SBG: I don't know. It's too hard to explain.

I've been in several bands that were extraordinary, but never got the critical acclaim I was expecting (See entry from 8/27/09 called "My personal True Hollywood Story.")

The problem I have with being in bands is that it's a rarity anyone understands my aesthetic. Although it has been approximately 18 years since shoegazer bands were most popular, I strive to be in a shoegazing band that rocks hard. As the front man for such a band, my top goal would be to turn my constant, in-your-face humor into a more subtle humor.

Between the years of 1960 and 1980, numerous quality rock bands existed with the Beatles at the top of the quality list. After 1980, though, when the Snooze Button Generation started listening to rock, incredible bands were hard to find.

The funny thing is that many bands after 1980 (and even some bands today) strove to be those bands from yesteryear. Obviously, those bands stunk.

The perfect band has never existed, but I want to try to have my band be that. My Bloody Valentine is the closest band that had the sound I am looking for - shoegazing, yes, but actually rocking hard, too.

Most other shoegazer bands, especially the Cocteau Twins, Jesus and Mary Chain and Ride, don't rock hard enough for my taste. Other bands that are arty that rock include the Flaming Lips, Mercury Rev and Sonic Youth. They're not considered shoegazer, though, and I see my band - with my thoughtful and subtly funny lyrics - being a bit like those.

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