Friday, October 9, 2009

Rednecks remain baffled by Jackson Pollock

I have discovered an array of winning combinations - Charles Shaw merlot and string cheese, late night parties and old school hip hop, pintos and cheese, etc.

Unfortunately, though, losing combinations exist, too, and one of those is Jackson Pollock and rednecks.

Rednecks tend not to be art aficionados. If they give art a chance, they enjoy depictions of vikings fighting and topless women from the Napoleonic era. When rednecks are presented with the abstract works of Jackson Pollock, they become outraged.

"My two-year-old could do that!" rednecks yell at Pollock retrospectives.

The best nugget of information to present rednecks about Pollock is the selling price of his "No. 5, 1948." That painting has the highest selling price of all-time. It reportedly was sold by entertainment mogul David Geffen to businessman David Martinez for $140 million in 2006.

I am unsure exactly what rednecks enjoy. But I am certain that $140 million could buy a lot of barbed wire tattoos, mobile homes and NASCAR tickets.


  1. I am not a redneck. I also think Jackson Pollack is an obscenely overrated hack.

  2. I am whatever the Polish version of a redneck is and I think that Jackson Pollack is far from a hack. You see, what he did was take paint and drip it all over the canvas in a beautiful way, had an ambitious wife who aggressively pushed his work, and then died tragically at a relatively young age. His rating is accurate although the prices paid for his work are higher than they should be.