Wednesday, October 23, 2013

My life as David Lee Roth

I sometimes feel like David Lee Roth, constantly surrounded by California girls. Earlier this week, my mom finished a stay in California, so she joined Sophie and Chloe in my manly household. Mathematically, there was only a 25 percent chance of being a male in that scenario.

As I live a charmed life, I've often felt that the worst part of my life is Wednesday morning teacher meetings, in which I take the girls to school well before it starts and then teachers pretend to care about their jobs. What annoys me, and some other teachers, is that I actually do care about my job, and each week, I ask myself if the pretending will ever stop.

Anyway, with Grandma in the mix, she took the girls to school as it started for those horrific meetings, and she did a lot in terms of overall support for my household. Thank you, Grandma! We all miss you already!

What I realize is that I have had a gender reversal of fortune with my daughters. I grew up with a brother and predominantly male cousins and male friends. My mom loved sports, too, so our household was male beyond all get out. In my current world, it's filled with feminine energy. We sometimes actually talk about our emotions.

Why do I have all these thoughts now about the ladies in my life? Well, maybe Grandma's visit helped me see that being a single dad doesn't mean my life isn't necessarily "me and the girls vs. the world." We have Grandma's support and a lot of support from family and friends. ... The only rub is that nowadays, I sometimes need some "man time."

Do I yearn to smoke cigars, drink brandy and play poker? Well, I just played poker the other day, and successfully finished in 13th place of 14 players. I'm not a big fan of cigars or brandy, but I remain a fantasy-golf addicted, Chewbacca collecting, Nintendo playing Polack.


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