Sunday, February 13, 2011

Sun Chips promote LOUD message

I'm all for helping the environment, but the big question I'm wondering is this: Is it worth going deaf to save the planet?

I am a big fan of hearing. According to my vast Internet research, auditory reception helps communication between humans. However, my anecdotal research makes me feel that head nods and chest bumps could easily replace hearing.

Hearing's importance is being called into question because of the current bag of Sun Chips. On the bag, it reads: "This Bag Is Louder Because It Is Compostable." That is an understatement.

I do not know how it is possible, but an amplifier has been placed inside Sun Chips bags. Holy balls, they are mega-loud!Whenever I grab chips from the environmentally conscious bag, I feel the need to accentuate the sound by whirling my hand in the bag for five seconds before grabbing a chip. That was very funny the first three times I did it; now, family members and friends scold me when I do that.

A few videos on YouTube have recorded the Sun Chip bag phenomenon. And upon further review, I commend Sun Chips for using such a bag.

I have realized that the environment is more important than being greedy and having five senses. Ludwig van Beethoven didn't even need hearing, and his occupation was vaguely connected to hearing.

You hearing snobs, go ahead, and keep listening to reason or whatever it is you listen to. I'm saving the planet.

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