Monday, November 29, 2010

'Turkey chic' replaces heroin chic

The popular 1990s style heroin chic has been replaced by "turkey chic," the Snooze Button Generation has learned from a shopping trip in Costa Mesa, Calif.

During a voyage to the shopping mega-plex South Coast Plaza, I noticed that shoppers were not very stylish. Instead, they seemed overweight, or "turkey chic." Granted, this trip happened during Thanksgiving weekend, and many may have been bloated from feasts.

However, there is a good chance that many people were going for that plump "turkey chic" look. I found it to be an average look, not even close to as sexy as heroin chic. Some people went for the look half-heartedly with big bellies and fat asses. I say if you go turkey chic, you might as well sweat butter.With Kate Moss and Vincent Gallo leading the way in early '90s Calvin Klein commercials, heroin chic should go down as one of the coolest looks of the 20th century. It was austere and rock 'n' roll, real yet make-believe. It was good fashion, if you ask me.

A lot of people who didn't get the look assumed it was glamorizing drugs, but I'm not so sure about that. Most supermodels are freaks of nature. At least heroin chic photos didn't try to make the models appear "real."

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