Saturday, November 20, 2010

Coolio: Brilliant master chef

As much of America soon will focus on Thanksgiving and turkey preparation, many amateur chefs might be unsure how to deliver a feast. Well, The Snooze Button Generation has one word to help those chefs: Coolio.

The rap star made a drastic career change last year when he released a cookbook, "Cookin' with Coolio." The book is flat-out hilarious and boasts the following quotes:

"[My mom's] fried chicken would literally put on tennis shoes and run the fuck into your mouth."

"This dish ain't just called Karate Meat because it's got an Asian kick to it. It's called Karate Meat because it will beat you up like a pigeon in prison."

"Hell, when I was growing up, I could make a meal out of a package of Top Ramen and a bottle of Windex."

Dang, Coolio, that's some funny stuff!Some celebrities don't know how to make proper career changes. Time is a factor for the success of many singers, actors and entertainers, and they have to accept that.

As a child, I remember seeing the comedy of Jerry Lewis and being totally baffled and stone-faced as I watched. His act was outdated, and it simply didn't work for me.

Not too long ago, I saw Robin Williams on a talk show. He presented himself in an over-the-top way that I used to find pee-in-the-pants hilarious. Ten years later, though, I watched him and his hairy arms and hardly smiled. He could learn from Coolio.

Most rappers just fade away or get killed. I know no other rap sensation with a cookbook. Coolio, the "Ghetto Gourmet," made one of the coolest career moves I've ever seen.

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