Sunday, June 6, 2010

High school rocks at age 36!

Most people graduate from high school when they are approximately 18 years old. I prefer to graduate every 18 years or so and will graduate from high school again on Thursday.

Just like in 1991, I am participating in a lot of graduation fanfare that gives closure to my high-school career. In this case, it gives closure to my second high-school career (though I plan on still teaching next year).

This past week, I went to a banquet then a senior picnic at a glorious water park called Raging Waters, where I rode water slides approximately 20 times. Later in the week, I attended prom.Graduating from high school is a lot different when one is 36 than 17 or 18 because I am much more comfortable and relaxed. I guess I'm having more fun this second time, so I highly recommend an extra high-school graduation to everyone in their 30s.

As opposed to graduating from the esteemed all-boys St. Ignatius High School in Cleveland, this time I am graduating from Firebaugh High School in Lynwood, Calif. Technically, I am a teacher at Firebaugh, but I have made a conscious decision to participate in senior activities and have fun. And, man, I am having a blast!

This upcoming week, I will be a part of a senior assembly, senior breakfast, graduation and then something called "Grad Night" at Disneyland. I am likely going to skip the senior yearbook party because I am too cool for that.I guess the real reason why I am a part of all of these activities is because of how much I care for my students. I taught juniors last year (They're seniors this year.) and then juniors and seniors this year. I know a lot about my students, have a strong affinity for them and think they're on the path to great lives.

My students have taught me a lot about life, and even though there was absolutely nothing wrong with my first graduation in 1991, I have been loving my 2010 graduation. Heck, I can't wait until 2028 when I graduate again.

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