Monday, December 15, 2014

Laugh. Think. Cry.

Happy holidays!

By my count, nine days remain until Christmas Eve — and I am attempting to cry on each of those days

I think we may live in an a "it's wrong to cry" type of world, and "F" it, I'm crying.

See, the holidays bring up any, and all, memories connected to youth, family and good cheer, and it's the perfect time to weep. I have stifled that type of feeling in the past, and now I'm letting loose with the pouring of my tears.

I wish that I could claim this plan as my own, but in reality, it is former North Carolina State basketball coach Jimmy Valvano's plan. I recently watched Jimmy V's famous Espy speech from 1993, which can be seen below or by clicking here.

Valvano was diagnosed with cancer in June 1992. He gave this speech in March 1993 and passed away in April '93.

During the speech, he says that the three things everyone should do everyday is: Laugh. Think. Cry.

I subscribe to this plan and believe we would all be better off to do each of them daily. I usually laugh and think. The crying is more difficult. But, not really.

Why cry?

Of course, I desperately miss my father, the XMan, as I prepare for my fourth Christmas without him.  I also miss a lot of key family members, including my grandparents, Aunt Nancy and Mouse, and today I even heard the news that a close friend's dad passed away today. Apparently, death makes me cry.

But according to Jimmy V, tears of joy also count as a way to cry. When I think of the deep love I have for those close to me, it can bring out tears.

I think of this girl:
I also think of this girl:
And I feel like, yeah, I'll go ahead and cry. Why not?

Actually, the problem that one can run into with an attempt to weep for days on end is that at some point you feel dried up. So be it. I may put on "Terms of Endearment" and feel absolutely nothing.

Crying is an excellent thing. I enjoy being alive.

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