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Thursday, March 1, 2018

Chewbacca collection: Alive and grunting!

"You can easily judge a man by his Chewbacca collection," said no one ever.

However, I must say I often feel judged when people realize I have a glorious Chewbacca collection that consists of:

12 tall Chewies
20 action figures
seven small Chewies (smaller than action figures)
seven extremely tiny Chewies
a pen
a pin
a pill case
two Christmas ornaments
a porcelain Chewie
windup Chewie
Mr. Potato Head Chewie
alarm clock
two porcelain mugs
bottle opener
large Lego Chewie
large Pez Chewie
Pez Chewie
five bobbleheads
Plastic Chewie head
Chewie flashlight
two mid-sized Chewies
Fozzie Bear Chewie
Chewie case
Metal sign
Lunch box
Chess piece
That makes 75 Chewies in the collection on display. That's a lot of Chewies.

But I must report that I put away several pieces for space and style purposes. I put away eight plush Chewies (small to large), a large plush Angry Bird Chewie, slippers, iPad case, iPhone case, two golf head covers, plush notebook, Frisbee, two pieces of art and wall clock. Oh, and Paul and Brenda gave Dina and me a Chewie candy dish. That's in use — in our kitchen.

In addition, there was a repeat of one of the large Chewies, and a piece of art broke when I moved. So, there really are 20 additional pieces in the permanent collection that are not on display, and so the count of Chewbaccas is at 95, up from 41 in 2011 and 16 in 2010.

"Wow, you must really like Chewbacca." That's a line I hear frequently, and while I do like Chewie, I'm not exactly obsessed with the Wookiee, or so I say. For me, it's my snakeskin jacket. It represents a symbol of my individuality and my belief in personal freedom.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

My Chewbacca collection: The "greatest" ever

We are all going to die.

That is why I am not a fan of collections. "You can't take it with you," I say. So what is the point of materialism and hoarding items? Collections often are manifestations of obsessive-compulsive stars, and they scare me.

But my Chewbacca collection is different. Over the past two weeks, my Chewbacca collection has had a Renaissance because I have discovered a little-known website titled

My Chewbacca collection has ballooned from nine figures to 15 and a Chewy Frisbee.My Chewy collection is the only collection I have, and I like to think it is not a collection, but a commentary about other collections.

Some collectors make common, grave errors with their collections, and I will not make those mistakes. For example, I do not believe action figures, or any toys, have greater value if they are not opened or played with. Chewies must be used!

I also refuse to pay significant cash for Wookiees (correct spelling). Friends tell me there must be numerous "greater" Chewy collections, but by my criteria, I like mine just fine because I am not a Star Wars geek and consider it "the greatest."

Why Chewbacca? The Wookiee speaks to me. Quirky and hairy, he is an elegant gentleman.