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Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Millennial males: In crisis

Millennials have been renamed "The Screen Generation," the Snooze Button Generation (TM) announced today.

In related news, Snooze Button Generation founder/CEO Joe Stevens clarified the names of the past three generations.

The Screen Generation (1986-2004) — often referred to as millennials.

The Snooze Button Generation (TM) (1966-1985) — often referred to as Generation X.

The Television Generation (1946-1965) — often referred to as Baby Boomers.

With the development of The Screen Generation (TM pending), the title "The Snooze Button Generation" makes even more sense. As technology and population increase so rapidly, it is important to have an element of technology in the title of a generation. In retrospect, the Snooze Button Generation title is even more apropos because we are a part of an extremely transient generation when it comes to technology — especially personal technology.

Of course, maybe these names don't mean too much, and many stereotypes abound with entire generations, especially with millennials, AKA the Screen Generation.

Not all millennials are phone-addicted, self-absorbed kids with a gross sense of entitlement. However, elements of that stereotype exist. Shifting industries, developing technology and some hidden truths in the United States have made it tough for millennials — particularly males.
Chew on these statistics: 20.5 million students enrolled in college this past fall. That is up from 15.3 million in college in 2000, according to the National Center for Education Statistics. Yowsers, that's a wild increase. I would argue that America is the most formally educated it has ever been, but it is perhaps the least informally educated as it has ever been. Yes, folks are piling up degrees, but how worldly are they? Could they switch occupations easily? Could they hold a conversation with "strangers"?

But here is the statistic that truly supports something I have long thought for the past few years: 11.7 million students in college are female, and only 8.8 are male (57 percent to 43 percent is significant to me!)

I have long thought that younger males are in crisis — just by what I see in my classroom. It's not outrageous behavior, really. It's just a stunted maturity that pales in comparison to girls. Now, some people might say it's always been that way, and I'm just noticing now. But I'm thinking this issue is becoming larger, and it's hardly addressed.

Males — millennial males, really — are in crisis. This is not some sort of sexist, "Make America Great," more power to the white male statement. This is a mere observation.

What does it mean to be male? What does it mean to be masculine?

A girl in one of my classes a few years back made this statement: "Masculinity is fragile."

That is truer now, more than ever. We often see stereotypical images of what "being a man" means. Many of the images of pop culture males — think Kanye, think Trump, think Tom Brady, think McConaughey — are more than slightly ridiculous.

Most of my male students are thoroughly confused. They remain confused when I give them this simple advice: "Be Yourself."

Sunday, August 8, 2010

'The Lady' celebrates first anniversary

A little more than one year ago, this website showed the hidden hipster side of Smokey Bear in a celebrity interview. Not only did the interview anger Smokey himself, but it also probably riled his likely former love interest - actress Chloe Sevigny.

That celebrity interview was significant because it kicked off this website. Since then, Snooze Button Generation readers have been increasing, and hopefully visitors have been enjoying this blog.

Although the SBG did not want to make a big deal of its one-year anniversary, professional singer Kenny Rogers paid tribute to the blog (see video below) by singing and mysteriously referred to this blog as "The Lady."
Snooze Button Generation founder and CEO Joe Stevens took time out of his busy schedule to write an open letter to SBG readers on this momentous occasion:

Dear SBG readers:

I want to thank you for enjoying the blog I've been writing for the past year. I think I'm onto something with this Snooze Button Generation thing. After the Baby Boomers, some people say Generation X arrived. I find that lame. It's the Snooze Button Generation!

I plan on continuing blogging this next year, maybe less posts but more important ones. I also hope to respond more to comments on Facebook. As for the content, expect a mixture of my personal tales and quirks from SBG pop culture.

The one thing I did not expect from this blog is the outpouring of celebrity support. The fact that Kenny Rogers sang a tribute to the SBG without me knowing is completely shocking. I thank Mr. Rogers for his support.